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Factoring Success Stories

Flexible factoring programs for everyday
cash flow problems

Read how Hamilton's financial assistance has benefited many companies, both large and small. Each of these firms are real and provide examples of the various industries served by Hamilton. You'll see that Hamilton's coverage is wide and its clients' needs are diverse. Whatever the size of your business, Hamilton can likely offer financial solutions to suit your needs!

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Machine Tool Company
$75,000 factoring facility

A quickly structured factoring program.

Financial Compliance Auditing Firm
$85,000 factoring facility

By factoring select accounts with Hamilton, the firm covered their growing operating expenses, without the owner having to mortgage her family's wealth with a personal guaranty.

Temporary Staffing Firm for Building and Construction
$100,000 factoring facility

With Hamilton's quick capital solution, the firm was able to secure the resources it needed to meet their nearly tripled volume in the months following Hurricane Wilma.

Remanufacturer and Distributor of Toner Refill Cartridges
$500,000 factoring facility

With Hamilton, the CEO not only got the cash he needed to support his rapidly growing business, he was able to efficiently utilize Hamilton's credit support features and accounting capabilities.

Security Guard Services Firm
$50,000 factoring facility

Hamilton's customized Flex program met the firm's cash management needs, and importantly took into account the owner's hesitancy to sign a personal guaranty.

Medical and Industrial Staffing
$600,000 restructured funding

Hamilton's multi-program offering and scalability allowed this client to migrate to a new, more structured program that allowed the client to realize more margins.

Manufacturer and Marketer of Specialty Retail Items
$1,000,000 factoring facility

A partnership with Hamilton meant the company was in control of the frequency and amount factored, and could monitor account activity on Hamilton's online reporting system.

Communications Solutions Provider
$100,000 factoring facility

Hamilton's factoring solution meant cash would always be available as long as the firm had sales, it also meant an alternative to equity participation and ownership dilution.

Executive Recruiting and Placement Agency
$100,000 factoring facility

Hamilton embraced the firm's peculiarities and created a factoring solution that addressed the firm's financial needs, and offered terms more in line with the firm's type of business.

Independent Trucking Company
$80,000 factoring facility

After being denied a credit line increase by their bank, the trucking company turned to Hamilton to offer a customized program that would help them solve their capital shortfall.

Commercial Janitorial Firm
$50,000 factoring facility

A referral from a local SBDC led the janitorial firm to Hamilton, and in less than five business days, Hamilton presented the firm with a factoring program that granted them the financial freedom they were seeking.

Distributor of Imported Gifts
$350,000 factoring facility

By factoring U.S. receivables with Hamilton, the distributor was able to accelerate its receipt of cash, and thereby redeploy capital to its foreign suppliers.

Creative Development Firm for Internet, Film and Television
$300,000 factoring facility

Less than a week after contacting Hamilton, the firm was able to factor its two largest accounts and free up close to 50% of its cash tied up in accounts receivable.

Temporary Staffing Firm
$250,000 factoring facility

Hamilton's factoring programs enabled the owners of the firm to rest easy knowing that they could keep up with the growing demands of meeting weekly payroll.

Print Firm
$50,000 factoring facility

With a factoring program in place, the firm restarted production on back orders, and, within 30 days, grew an additional 50% from the untapped volume previously tied-up in the backlog.

Executive Recruiting Firm
$50,000 factoring facility

Hamilton Group's accelerated funding process granted approval within 24 hours, and the firm received needed funds within 3 days of first seeing the Hamilton ad. Payroll was met.

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