Male Executive

Creative Development Firm for Internet, Film and Television

Initial Funding:   $300,000


Imagination should have been running wild at the creative development firm located in Los Angeles, but worries about insufficient cash were limiting the scope of projects and stymieing creative juices. The simple fact was that too much of their cash was tied up in A/R. With their major accounts taking 45 or more days to pay, they could not afford to wait. They needed cash in hand to cover developmental costs, or projects were bound to go uncompleted.


Less than a week after contacting The Hamilton Group, the firm was able to factor its two largest accounts, and free up close to 50% of the cash tied up in A/R. Best of all, the firm continued to have the flexibility to choose which accounts it wanted to factor, and when. With cash no longer a concern, the firm was able to budget for larger projects and devote more time to their core competency... creativity.

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Factoring Means More Capital for Your Venture!