Male Executive

Manufacturer and Marketer of Specialty Retail Items

Initial Funding:   $1,000,000


A manufacturer of specialty items was experiencing great growth marketing to large, retail chains. But as their sales grew, so did their funding needs. Having turned to factoring as a source of start-up financing during its inception, the company soon realized their original financier couldn't keep up with their growing demands. The company sought to reposition itself with a larger factor who could offer greater flexibility, quicker turnaround and sophisticated reporting.


Through a referral by the manufacturer's accountant, Hamilton promptly presented the company with a no term program that granted the company the flexibility to more efficiently enhance its cash flow. A partnership with Hamilton meant the company was in control of the frequency and amount factored, and could monitor account activity on Hamilton's online reporting system. What's more, the company could have confidence in knowing that their financing would grow in line with their sales.

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