Male Executive

Security Guard Services Firm

Initial Funding:   $50,000


A security guard service was experiencing tremendous growth, but felt the constraints of managing a growing business. A lack of cash flow was their largest challenge. If they didn't get access to additional cash, they would lose guards and customers, and be forced to decline new business. Due to the firm's short time in business and absence of strong financials, they were turned down by their local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for an SBA loan. The SBDC referred the security firm to Hamilton for an alternative solution.


Hamilton's first step was to assist the owner to locate the services necessary to get his firm's financials in shape. Hamilton's accommodating measures at the onset of the deal encouraged standard accounting practices and strengthened the firm's financial position. Simultaneously, Hamilton presented the firm with a customized Flex factoring program. The program met the security firm's cash management needs, and importantly took into account the owner's hesitancy to sign a personal guarantee.

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