Male Executive

Remanufacturer and Distributor of Toner Refill Cartridges and Kits

Initial Funding:   $500,000


Not all family-owned businesses are passed down from one generation to the next. In the case of a rapidly-growing distributor, the generational change of ownership was from son to father. Embarking on his new ownership, the experienced family patriarch sought additional ways to capitalize the fast-growing business, and additionally wanted to lower the costs involved in boosting credit controls and accounts receivable record-keeping needed to manage the expected 40% increase in growth.


Within a month of acquiring the business, the new CEO contacted Hamilton to arrange a factoring relationship. The CEO was impressed with Hamilton's flexibility, particularly our no term agreement program. With Hamilton, the CEO not only got the cash he needed to support his rapidly-growing business, he was able to efficiently utilize Hamilton's credit support features and accounting capabilities.

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Factoring Means More Capital for Your Venture!