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Hamilton's Unique Program

Not all businesses have the same growth needs, nor do they all want the same features in their factor. But universally, they all want the "best deal." Since its inception in 1994, Hamilton has successfully delivered upon that goal by leading its industry with unconventional, client-friendly solutions.

During its early days, Hamilton's founders sought to forever change the dynamic that accurately defined the factoring industry back then. Factoring was rightly viewed as a niche product with few fans. Clients routinely had to suffer high fees, tough volume and term agreements, personal guarantees with full-recourse programs, and indecipherably complex escrow accounts. During that time, some factors hid behind voice mail, and the transparency afforded by Internet statements was a fanciful wish.

Against that backdrop, Hamilton entered the market with their unique program that featured:

  • NO personal guarantees;
  • NON-recourse credit exposure;
  • NO term agreements;
  • NO volume requirements;
  • NO reserve escrow accounts;
  • The ability to age invoices before factoring;
  • The flexibility to pick which invoices to factor and which to retain;
  • NO customer estoppel agreements;
  • The fee-saving opportunity to retire invoices prior to client payment;
  • Free interactive on-line client website for account status and updates.

Since that time, the rest of the factoring industry has adopted many of Hamilton's innovative techniques. In doing so, the factoring industry has flourished and rightly assumed its place amongst other reputable practitioners of alternative finance. Today, close to 20 years later, it is common to find factors who feature some, and in a few cases, most of these features.

Yet still, it is virtually impossible to find another factoring firm that, like Hamilton, offers each of these items as its standard-product offering. Even today, Hamilton still leads its industry in customer-friendly features. The benefit to you? You will not find a more thoughtfully structured factoring solution anywhere. Period.

The proof? Hamilton's clients are obviously not tied down to any term agreements. Yet, they don't leave us for others. They've learned that Hamilton's features translate into real—and significant—cost savings.

Speaking of cost, maybe you've been programmed to think that our fees must be high to offer such incredible flexibility. You'd be wrong. Try us, you'll be amazed. Certainly, you'll always find some other provider who appears to be cheaper. Instead, you'll find our fees to always be competitive, and when you assess your effective costs of capital, you'll find that Hamilton's product structure ensures that we almost always offer the cheapest effective rate.

Factoring Means More Capital for Your Venture!