Fast Facts

Pricing:  Aggressive, industry low, effective rates.

Minimum Fee:  10 days (not 30 days, like others).

Advance Range:  70% to 85% of invoice amount.

Fee Range:  0.75% to 1.00% of invoice amount per 10-day period.

Fees Start:  Day after date of invoice funding.

Fees Stop:  Day Hamilton receives payment of invoice from customer—Fees stop as soon as payment is received, not when the check clears.

Other Fees:  Due-diligence fee up to $350 after award. Hamilton does not charge any fees for reviewing financing applications or researching credit worthiness.

Escrow Account:  None—Clients are not required to tie up their cash flow in collateral or escrow accounts.

Minimum Volume:  None—No non-usage fees either. Clients can factor all their invoices in one month and none the next. This is helpful for those companies with seasonal demand or unpredictable cash flow.

Maximum Volume:  $1,500,000 per client exposure at any one time.

Minimum Invoice:  $200

Minimum Time Commitment:  None—There are no obligations to enter restrictive, long-term agreements.

Set-Up Time for First Deal:  3 to 5 business days

Invoice Turnaround:  24 hours—Once initial set-up is complete, all funding thereafter occurs within 24 hours.

Reserve Payment Turnaround:  3 business days—The remaining balance is returned to client 3 business days after Hamilton receives payment for the invoice from the customer.

Accounting:  Per invoice—Each invoice stands alone and is reconciled individually. This means that reserve payment occurs separately for each invoice.

Website:  Free 24-hour client access.

Commissions:  Your fee is "evergreen"—For as long as your referred client works with Hamilton, you will receive commission income.

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